New Projects

Published 02 July 2017

I’m currently working on new projects. Specifically building tools for private investors with a bit of cash to invest but don’t really know what to invest in.

There’s a UK-focussed product with 3 tools: an upcoming dividend countdown (standard stuff), the OptimizerMax for identifying good yields and timing to buy and sell, and GeneratorMax to plan future income and manage your portfolio.

That’s called DividendMax.

The other is a global forecasting dividend product for B2B customers, such as investment banks, hedge funds and any organisation which is interested in future (rather than past) yield.

Our estimates are tested and are very accurate, we provide a modern interface to access the data and a smart product which is improving every day. That’s called Woodseer.

We’ll also be announcing soon an exciting partnership which uses our own product in the market.