How to track and sort your website inquries

Published 03 August 2010

Most companies want to hear from their customers. To achieve this on their web site they will create contact or sign up forms which, when completed, simply send an email to someone in the company.\r\n\r\nThis person is then responsible for collecting all this information in a big spreadsheet and emailing it around to people in the office.\r\n\r\nEvery time the company wants to send out a company newsletter or contact everyone in the database they perform a mail merge and manually compose their emails.\r\n\r\nThen if a recipient replies saying they want to unsubscribe they send an email and must be manually removed from the spreadsheet.\r\n\r\nThis is poor data management and leads to errors, bad data and delays when the crucial spreadsheet holder goes on holiday.\r\n\r\nAdditionally there’s no information about changes, no concurrent access and limited reporting.\r\nWithout knowing the creation date you have no feedback about whether an advertising campaign resulted in a spike in sign ups on the web site.\r\n\r\nThe most frustrating thing is with minimal effort and very little money all these problems could be solved with a smart, custom built tool which automatically manages sign up, unsubscribes, tagging and reporting.\r\n\r\nAdditionally this tool automatically handles bulk email delivery in HTML and plain text, counts the number of view and clicks of the email, viewing the message online and unsubscribes.\r\n\r\nThis tool is called Matchbook and has already been successfully used by 3M and Ansell for their recent marketing campaigns.\r\n\r\nHowever you don’t need to be a large company with deep pockets to benefit from all the features Matchbook offers. From as little as £10 per month you can collect contact information from your website, have it automatically pushed into Matchbook and run your email campaigns online.\r\n\r\nPlease \contact us\ to find out more or receive your free Matchbook account and see the benefits.